The center has MOU’s with a number of international dispute resolution providers. Selected programs offered through these providers are noted below:

CPR: International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution

April 12 (Friday)
The Key Players in International Arbitral Proceedings: Roles and Evolution. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 12 Place du Panthéon, Paris, France. Partnering with the LL.M Business Law, Arab World and Middle East of Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, this conference provides an opportunity to examine current practice in international arbitration. Practitioners will discuss the arbitrator’s perspective in conducting international arbitral proceedings, with specific reference to the Arab World and Middle East, the controversial and evolving role of administrative secretaries to arbitral tribunals, the role and evolution of the CIArb’s Dispute Appointment Service in arbitral proceedings, and the conduct of counsel in international arbitration. Learn More>>

April 23 (Tuesday)
Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2019. Atrium Ballroom Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. The conference will examine Asia’s role in shaping the future of international alternative dispute resolution from the development of the arbitral institutions and arbitrators needed for the future to procedural innovations, such as witness conferencing and the use of the Prague Rules in civil and common law jurisdictions. The conference will explore the use of alternative dispute resolution, such as dispute boards in construction and infrastructure projects, including China’s One Belt One Road initiative and mediation in international disputes. The conference will also launch the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator’s Guidelines on Witness Conferencing in International Arbitration. Learn More>>

April 28-30 (Sunday-Tuesday)
Accelerated Route to Fellowship (International Arbitration) Assessment. JAWS Miami, 600 Brickwell Ave. Suite 2600, Miami, FL. This three-day program is designed for senior practitioners in the field of dispute resolution. The program focuses on applicable laws and procedures for efficient arbitration hearings in complex international cases. Satisfactory assessment of performance in role-play exercises will permit candidates to take the award writing examination for qualification as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, which will be administered as part of the program. Learn More>>

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

April 5-6 (Friday-Saturday)
ICC Vis Pre-Moot. ICC Headquarters, Paris, France. This pre-moot will help prepare teams for the 26th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. It will allow teams to measure up against and interact with other students from various countries and legal systems; receive comments from and socialize with arbitrators from different professional, cultural and legal backgrounds; practice and improve their advocacy skills; and refine and adjust their oral arguments just before making the trip to Vienna. Learn More>>

April 10 (Wednesday)
International Arbitration of Life Sciences Disputes: Key Issues and Best Practices. Boston, Massachusetts. A distinguished panel of speakers explain why international arbitration is the preferred dispute resolution mechanism for life sciences disputes before they take a deeper dive into some of the complex issues that can arise in such disputes. Learn More>>

April 13 (Saturday)
11th ICC YAF-YAAP Joint Conference Young Approaches to Arbitration. Vienna, Austria. This conference is ideal for your practitioners to exchange thoughts on international arbitration, to share their experiences, and to expand their network. It aims to connect young arbitration practitioners of approximately 40 years and under: counsel, arbitrators, corporate counsel and academics. Learn More>>

April 29 (Monday)
ICC West Coast Conference. San Francisco, United States. This conference will address hot topics and recent developments in international arbitration of interest to practitioners on the West Coast. The program will feature Alexis Mourre, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration®, as well as other world-renowned speakers. Learn More>>

June 25-26 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
5th ICC Asia Conference on International Arbitration. Singapore. This conference will provide advanced training that provides attendees with practical insight on the assessment of damages by arbitrators. Offering a line-up of world-class speakers, topical discussions, and an excellent opportunity to network, this event is designed for practicing lawyers, corporate counsel, arbitrators, mediators, and business professionals who conduct business in Asia. Learn More>>

New York International Arbitration Society (NYIAC) 

April 16 (Tuesday)
The In Camera Breakfast Series, Seeing Double: Parallel Proceedings in Arbitration. 1301 Avenue of the Americas, 25th floor, New York, NY 10019. Thorny procedural questions may arise for an arbitral tribunal that is confronted with parallel proceedings before another tribunal or a national court in the same or a closely related dispute. For example, if there is a concern about possible inconsistent judgments, when should or must a tribunal defer to the other proceeding, if at all? What if the tribunal deems the other proceeding to be abusive? Can the tribunal control the parties from participating in the other proceedings? And if there is a dispute over res judicata, is there any consensus as to the law that the tribunal should apply to analyze the issue? Please join the International Dispute Resolution Committee of the NYSBA’s Dispute Resolution Section for a breakfast seminar that will consider these and other challenging issues. Learn More>>