Why Atlanta?

Why an international arbitration center in Atlanta? A commercial hub with transparent courts and the most arbitration friendly legal regime in the United States, Atlanta offers congenial legal environment, world-class convenience, cost savings and competent professionals – in a cosmopolitan city.

Congenial Legal Environment

Georgia courts follow a predictable and non-interventionist policy when it comes to arbitration and mediation. In addition, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the most international arbitration friendly court in the United States, is located in Atlanta.

Georgia’s state law has a modern international arbitration code closely aligned with the 1985 UNCITRAL Model Law.


Georgia allows foreign lawyers to represent clients on a pro hac vice basis in state court proceedings ancillary to arbitration.


The ABA has recognized Georgia as a model for addressing issues arising from globalization, cross-border legal practice and lawyer mobility.


World Class Convenience

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest passenger airport. It handles over 96 million passengers annually and offers non-stop flights to and from 70 non-U.S. cities and 160 cities within the U.S.

Downtown Atlanta is 16.1 kilometers (10 miles) from the airport, a 20-30 minute trip by taxi and 30-40 minutes by MARTA train (the Atlanta rapid transport system).

Proceedings at the Center will be supported by a concierge service that will ensure that all persons involved can focus on the business at hand without concerning about translations, transportation, technology, hotel and meal reservations or other logistical needs.

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Less Expense

World-class accommodations and services are inexpensive relative to other global hubs. By way of example, Atlanta’s average hotel rate is:

47% of New York’s
51% of Paris’
52% of London’s
58% of Singapore’s
63% of Dubai’s
74% of Hong Kong’s
26% of Geneva, and
79% of Vienna’s

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Competent Professionals

Atlanta’s sophisticated legal professionals serves the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. including international giants such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot and United Parcel Service.

The profession’s global reach arises out of service to a city widely acknowledged as the capital of the southeastern U.S., a region with a gross annual product of $3.3 trillion and a population of over 79 million, with international trade through the Atlanta airport and the port of Savannah.

Local universities (including Emory, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw, Morehouse, the University of Georgia), institutions (including CARE International, Centers for Disease Control, Technology Association of Georgia) and businesses (including AT&T, General Electric, Lockheed Martin) provide access to well-qualified technical experts across the spectrum of business and scientific disciplines.

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A Cosmopolitan City

While retaining its southern charm, this former Olympic venue is a global city with remarkable diversity, over 70 foreign consular offices and over 40 bi-national chambers of commerce.

Atlanta’s population includes over 700,000 foreign-born residents, and each year an additional 17,000 foreigners move to the city – in fact, Atlanta ranks second in the U.S. for annual immigration.

International institutions in Atlanta include the Carter Center and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, which honor and continue the work of Nobel Laureates from Georgia.